MXC Exchange: Casper Value Analysis


The Casper network is a PoS public chain, optimized for developers to get started quickly, improve smart contract performance, and enterprise integration. The consensus mechanism supporting the network is the Highway protocol, which is based on Casper’s original CBC specification (PoS) proof-of-stake blockchain architecture.

As a safe and active consensus model under the BFT, the Highway protocol has made two improvements: Make the threshold of network finality higher; Achieve flexibility that cannot be achieved by typical BFT.

In February of this year, the project reached cooperation with Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN), and the team plans to release the mainnet in the first quarter of 2021.


The main function of the Casper network’s native token CSPR is to pay gas fees and reward validators. In order to prevent network centralization, the Casper team stipulates that no individual or entity can obtain more than 1% of tokens through public token sales. Transaction fees will be distributed to validators on the network after the mainnet is launched, with an annual income of 15%.


First fundraising: $14.5 million, cumulative fundraising: $40.4 million

Practical Value Analysis

The practical value of CSPR comes from: transaction fees, platform governance, and protocol rewards.

How to participate in the CoinList public offering

CSPR will be held on CoinList from March 23 to March 28, 2021. The public offering is only open to non-U.S., non-Chinese and non-Canadian participants in certain jurisdictions.

There are three options whose main differences are the lock-up time and purchase limits. The options can be combined.

Option 1: lock-up for 12 months and the private sale price is 0.015 USD per token;
Option 2: lock-up for 6 months and the private sale price is 0.02 USD per token;
Pption3: the token will not be locked, and the private sale price is 0.03 USD per token.

Click on sign up to participate:

Different options correspond to different registration and KYC processes. The details of each round are as follows:

The subscription of option 1 does not require users to submit the address proof, and the subscription of option 2/3 requires users to submit the address proof.

Note: If the registered country does not meet the purchase requirements, it will show that it is temporarily unable to participate in this event. However, you can still enjoy other services such as staking and trading. If the address filled in is Hong Kong SAR, you can participate in this activity.

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