MEXC Will List Point Network — a new era of Web 3.0

How world defines WEB 3.0

What is Web 3.0, to start? A16z, Coinbase, and their peers had attempted to define “Web 3.0” at this time last year. The most well-known condensed definition, applicable to both Web 2.0 and Web 1.0, is “read+write+own.”

What is Point Network

The Point Network is a project designed to radically decentralize all major components of the Internet stack. It does not rely on centralized infrastructure such as storage, domain names, etc., but instead uses decentralized alternatives for each layer. Point browser with integrated point wallet. Point Network enables developers to create decentralized identity solutions, decentralized social networks, and many other applications. The vision of “Roadmap to Web3” scrolls many screens to the right.

PointLabs vision of WEB 3.0

The Point Labs definition is simple. and mass surveillance. Bit Torrent’s decentralized file sharing, Bitcoin’s decentralized money, and the real Web 3.0 are set to decentralize the rest of the internet.



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