MEXC Research:An NFT Content Creation Platform to Enhance the Financing Efficiency of Creators — — StartFi

Evelyn Zhang
2 min readJun 7, 2021



StartFi is an NFT related content management platform that helps content creators to raise funds for their digital content and allows the community to participate in sharing rewards and revenues.

StartFi users can create NFTs for their music, art, video and other assets. There are a variety of advanced options for content creators, including lockup periods, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), private pools, milestones unlock, and cross-chain swapping.

In addition to StarFi’s content creation platform, content creators such as writers, artists, and educators can use StartFi’s startup platform to raise funds through INO.

In terms of cross-chain, StartFi uses the interoperability of Polygon (Matic) to realize cross-chain functionality, so that users can trade assets on BSC, Ethereum and other blockchain networks. StartFi will support Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, Solana (SOL), and Nervos Network (CKB).

StartFi ecology mainly consists of three parts: StartFi, FANS, and NFT Creators


Creators can mint NFT through the StartFi network to create unique digital assets, empower communities, and share rewards.


Support NFT creators to raise funds, vote for designs, promote artists, host or participate in fan gatherings, and engage in other creative activities. In exchange, fans will receive rewards and exclusive digital assets.

StartFi Platform

Includes a dynamic NFT market, as well as the upcoming launch platform that supports INO.

Initial NFT Offering (INO)

Content creators can raise funds through INO, such as music albums, entertainment videos, digital arts, documentaries, game collections, etc.

In exchange, fans will be able to use NFT to fund and make money on these projects, resell the NFTs as unique products, and publish and redistribute the content through copyright management.

For example, a famous book author wants to raise money for his new book, NFT buyers can become the copyright owners, and be able to redistribute, print, and sell on the book’s platform. This is a new way to invest in the early stages of digital content.

Investment institutions

Spark Digital Capital, AU21 Capital, Exchange, x21 Digital, Blocksync Ventures, DFG Group, MXC Exchange, Youbi Capital, Angelone Capital.


STFI: total supply of 100,000,000

20% private round

1% IDO public round

25% Incentive

20% partnerships

7% Liquidity Fund

17% Team and advisors

10% Strategic reserve of the company

Practical value

Vote in governance

Platform trading fee

Pool and event incentives

Stakeholder Tiers (in the works)

Selling Pressure

Cash out by fundraisers

Cash out by team

Partial cash out from incentives