MEXC Launches Trading Mining Product and Incentivizes New Assets Through T2E

Trade Mining, which enables users to earn mining rewards while “trading,” has recently been upgraded and launched on the official website of the renowned cryptocurrency trading platform MEXC.

This product has three sections: New, Hot, and ETF Trading. Users can trade new tokens, hot projects and ETFs for rewards. Currently, ARCADE/USDT and PACHA/USDT new token trade mining is introduced in the “New” section.

Users can trade ARCADE/USDT and PACHA/USDT during the event to share the mining reward pools for ARCADE and PACHA. You’ll share more prizes as transaction volume increases.

MEXC introduces a trade mining product through a model that lists new (hot) tokens, trades new (hot) tokens, rewards new (hot) tokens, and implements a sustainable Trade 2 Earn Model (T2E). Realized for the first time. trading platform.

According to our knowledge, MEXC is the top cryptocurrency trading platform in the world, offering spot, ETF, futures, staking, NFT Index, and other one-stop cryptocurrency trading services to more than 7 million customers globally. More than 1,400 cryptocurrencies can currently be traded on it, and it is the trading platform with the quickest time to market for new projects and the widest range of tradable commodities.

MEXC’s core team has a solid background in traditional finance, with specialized financial product logic and technical security assurances related to the provision of cryptocurrency products and services. In addition to creating safe and reliable core products such as Spots, ETFs and Futures, we combine Web3 trends and user needs such as NFT Indexes and Trade Mining to introduce functional and incentive products suitable for users. doing.



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