MEXC Global Launches “ETF King Trader Contest, trade ETF to Split 10,000 USDT Prize Pool” Event

In order to better understand ETF products, MEXC launches the ETF King Trader Contest on 16:00, September 14 at (UTC).Participate now!!

Event details:

Registration Form:

Add our assistant to learn more about ETF and receive reward

Telegram: MEXC_CR

I. Activity Period:

16:00 September 14–16:00 September 25(UTC)

II. Rules & Reward

[First round contest]

Time: 16:00,September 14–16:00, September 17 (UTC)

ETF trading volume ≥500 USDT & ranked on the top 400 will be considered successfully passed the contest and receive 5 USDT of BTC3L.The users will be able to join the Second round contest.

[Second round Contest]

Time:16:00 September 17 -16:00,September 21 (UTC)

ETF Yield rate contest, the daily ranking will be published on next day in our official ETF community, the daily top 100 users will receive 10USDT of BTC3L.The top 50 highest ETF yield rate winner (within 4 days) will receive an additional 20 USDT and also be qualified to join the Final contest

[Final round contest]

Time: 16:00,September 21– 16:00, September 25 (UTC)

ETF gain contest, the daily ranking will be published on the next day in our official ETF community. The top 10 users of the day will receive 50 USDT , and the top 3 users with the highest ETF gain (within 4 days) will receive the ETF Trader Ranking Reward.

Reward detail:

Event note:

1.Trading amount = buy + sell.

2.Activity 1,2,3 rewards are stackable. Rewards will be distributed to the corresponding MEXC account in USDT within 7 days after the event ends.

3.The actual ETF yield rate and ETF gains of the user in the competition will be exported by the system, and publish on the next day in the official group. Add our assistant to check the ranking.

4.MEXC has the right to require the winning users to complete KYC authentication; if there are multiple accounts under the same IP address, MEXC has the right to disqualify all MEXC accounts under said IP.

5.MEXC reserves the final right to interpret the activity at our sole discretion.



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