MEXC Exchange Will Launch Warm-UP Voting for Polkadot’s Parachain Slot Auction

To encourage the Polkadot community and the development of its ecosystem, MEXC now supports Polkadot parachain slot auctions. Users will be able to simply and conveniently participate in these slot auctions on MEXC with zero transaction fees. Participants stand to gain USDT bonus rewards from MEXC as well as rewards from the projects that they have voted for.

Activity Period:

Polkadot Slot Auction warm-up time: 2021–11–04 15:00–2021–11–11 12:59 (UTC)

Polkadot Slot Auction Official time: 2021–11–11 13:00 (UTC)-2021–11–12 13:00(UTC)

Polkadot Slot Auction warm-up voting rewards: In addition to the rewards from featured projects, the users who participate in voting during the warm-up period can split 20,000 USDT worth of DOT provided by MEXC.

Polkadot official auction reward: voting reward provided by the project party

Note: DOT used to vote during the warm-up period will not be able to be unlocked.

How to participate

Web: Through the navigation menu on the top of the website, hover over “Finance” and click “Slot Auction” to access the Auction page. Otherwise, you may access the page by clicking here.

App: Middle of the Home Page > Navigation Menu > Slot Auction

Quick Access to Slot Auction: click here

Reward details:

(1)Event time: 2021–11–04 15:00–2021–11–11 12:59 (UTC)

(2) DOT Rewards: For users who participate in the auction during the warm-up time , they can receive an airdrop reward of 10 USDT worth of DOT rewards from a total prize pool of 20,000 USDT on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of whether the auction is successful. Minimum DOT contribution must be 0.1 DOT or above.

(3) Project rewards are as below:

* During the voting period, MEXC will add more projects at any time.

Notes on Voting Rules and Reward Distribution:

(1) Voting:

  1. Please refer to the slot auction page for details on the rewards plan of each project.
  2. Check the project information, lockup period, and reward rules carefully before voting. Please be aware that once they are locked, the voting assets used for the auction will be unavailable until the lockup ends.
  3. After the auction has commenced, MEXC will cast users’ votes on-chain at regular intervals based on the DOT locked in each project. Due to special circumstances that may occur on-chain during the auction, such as delays or failures in voting, MEXC does not guarantee that all votes will be successful.
  4. During the voting period, MEXC will add more projects at any time.

(2) Rewards Distribution:

  1. The DOT bonus rewards from MEXC will be distributed to users’ spot asset accounts within 2 weeks after the event. The project token rewards will be distributed based on the project’s separate reward plan, once the tokens can be transferred. Please refer to the slot auction page for details on the rewards plan of each project.
  2. For certain projects that are yet to be listed on MEXC, the respective rewards will be exchanged for its equivalent worth of DOT instead, and distributed to users.
  3. MEXC only serves as a platform to allow users to participate in voting on-chain. Rewards are solely provided by the project party. The distribution of the rewards and its actual settlement is subject to the official rules determined by the project party.
  4. The first round of voting on MEXC will be ended at 2021–11–12 13:00(UTC). This is because that the slot auction will be ended randomly when the ending period starts. In order to voting on-chain on time, we will close the voting at 2021–11–13 2:00(UTC).

【Risk Reminder】

MEXC only acts as a platform to allow users to participate in voting on the chain by providing users with essential services such as the function to vote, showcasing projects and distributing rewards. MEXC will do our best to ensure the smooth progress of the auction but we do not guarantee that every vote will be successful.

MEXC does not assume any potential risks of loss that may arise due to severe price fluctuations or project and chain security issues. Please read the project introduction and voting rules carefully before participating in the vote.




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