MEXC Exchange:Attractive projects of the Solana ecosystem (Part 2)

Project Name: Solana (SOL)

Project Introduction: Solana is a base layer or Layer 1 blockchain infrastructure, which mainly aims to solve the scalability problem of the current blockchains. At present, the Solana network uses 1000 validator nodes to provide a block time of 400 ms and process 50,000 transactions per second.

Source: MEXC Global

In the second half of this year, Solana achieved a good ecosystem performance. At present, there are more than 400 ecosystem projects, including DEXs, lending, insurance, NFT, Metaverse, etc. According to MEXC Global, with the development of the ecosystem, its ecosystem asset SOL has risen from 22.12 USDT to 215.41 USDT since July. This is an increase of 873.82%.

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Other than Solana, what are the key projects of the Solana ecosystem that deserve attention?

Project Name:Maps (MAPS)

Project Introduction:Maps is an offline map app, an Internet application created in 2011. On this application, users can choose their own travel routes offline and plan their own travel routes accordingly.

The newly added wallet in 2.0 has the functions of exchange rate discount, consumer payment with the lowest service charge, cash back on tourism expenditure, interest account deposit, as well as transaction services which will be launched in the future. is based on the launched products that adds the native asset MAPS of the DeFi concept. In the built-in wallet of, MAPS can be used for users to pay subscription fees, advertisers to pay promotion fees and credit card handling fees. In addition, MAPS holders can participate in the governance of products.

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Project Name:Kin (KIN)

Project Introduction:Kin (KIN) is a programmable asset based on the well-known social networking product Kik. Kik is a lightweight social networking product founded in 2010. It is called the American version of “Wechat”. There are 1 million registered users in 15 days and 2 million in 22 days. Besides, they received an investment of $50 million USD from Tencent in 2014. In September 2017, Kik launched KIN on Ethereum, raising $97 million USD. In December 2020, Kin officially moved to the Solana network.

Kin is a digital asset with a series of amazing built-in functions and programmability, which mainly generates circulation value in Kin’s social economy. Users make money and spend through Kin, while directly participating in the value generated by their contribution to the growth of Kin ecosystem.

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Project Name:Star Atlas (ATLAS + POLIS)

Project Introduction:Star Atlas is a space-themed game that combines a series of novel elements, including exploration, colonization, combat and so on. ATLAS and POLIS are the game assets and governance assets of Star Atlas respectively.

This game has not been officially launched yet, and it is expected to be in development for at least another year. However, when it is released, this game is likely to become the most advanced game of its kind. Players can get crypto rewards through single-playeractivities and fighting competitions, where the winners in the competition will be given NFT rewards. In addition, YGG DAO has established a strategic partnership with Star Atlas.

At the beginning of this year, Star Atlas completed a seed funding round of $6 million USD, led by Serum, Alameda Research and Moonwhale Ventures.

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Project Name:DeFi Land (DFL)

Project Introduction:A DeFi Land Solana ecosystem multi-chain “play to earn” game that integrates gaming and DeFi. Players can earn income by completing tasks or reaching milestones. The closed beta testing was commenced on August 31.

All functions of traditional DeFi are redesigned to be compatible with existing protocols, establishing a new gaming environment. DeFi Land does not create a closed ecosystem for the game that is often seen in other protocols, nor does it create a new environment, but it accelerates, gamifies, and improves the existing environment.

DeFi Land will be compatible with some existing platforms. Users will use protocols such as AMM, DEX, lending and so on through DeFi Land games.

In September, DeFi Land obtained funding of $4.1 million USD, with participating brands including Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, Jump Capital, NGC Ventures, Solana Foundation and so on.

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Project Name:Solanium (SLIM)

Project Introduction:Solanium is a decentralized fundraising platform on the Solana blockchain. It is characterized by decentralized fundraising, time-weighted token staking and governance voting to the Solana ecosystem. It has integrated wallet, decentralized exchange, and transaction management functions.

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Project Name:Step Finance (STEP)

Project Introduction:Step Finance is a portfolio visualization platform that aggregates all LPs, assets, farms, positions and other information through the user’s wallet. The goal of Step is to become a page that DeFi users will always view, with all the functions and information required for decision-making. Step also allows users to interact directly with their favorite protocols from the dashboard which could include farms, pools, swaps and automated strategies.

In April this year, Step Finance announced the completion of a private funding round of $2 million USD. The investors include Alameda Research, 3 Commas Capital, Raydium, One Block, Solid Ventures and many Solana ecology supporters.

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Project Name:Solrise (SLRS)

Project Introduction:Solrise Finance is a decentralized fund management and investment protocol created by Solana, which enable fund managers to create investment funds, deposits and select trading assets. Its permissionless nature supports users to allocate capital between managed funds, participate in DeFi and reduce transaction costs. The platform also allows users to create their own funds, access diversified digital assets without sacrificing security. Solrise Finance won the second place in the Hackathon event jointly organized by the Solana Foundation and the decentralized exchange Serum in March this year.

In July this year, Solrise Finance completed a funding round of $3.4 million USD, with participating brands such as Alameda Research, CMS Holdings, Delphi Digital, Jump Capital, Parafi Capital, DeFi Alliance, Reciprocal Ventures and Skyvision Capital.

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Project Name:Symmetry (SMF)

Project Introduction:Symmetry is a decentralized crypto asset index protocol in Solana ecology. Symmetry has created an index simulator that allows you to backtest the index performance based on historical data, allowing users to test different weights and rebalancing methods before deploying the indexes.

On symmetry, users create their own indexes or buy indexes created by others. When creating an index, you can select all the assets you want to include in the index, as well as their corresponding weights and rebalancing methods. The type of rebalancing will also affect the overall performance of the index.

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Project Name:Sunny (SUNNY)

Project Introduction:Sunny is a composable yield aggregator protocol in the Solana ecosystem. At present, 17 LP asset pairs are provided, and it has a TVL that reaches $1.374 billion USD.

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Project Name:Solyard (YARD)

Project Introduction:Solyard is a yield farming aggregator optimizer protocol that efficiently manages user’s SPL tokens and automatically generates profits for users’ SPL capital for 7*24 hours.

Solyard’s intelligent strategy for automatic compound interest eliminates the need for users to learn complex DeFi products. Solyard will look for the best platform to automatically compound interest among the many DeFi products in the Solana ecosystem, and adopt a smart contract automated compound interest model to provide users with a stable assets and asset management platform.

Solyard currently has three products: aggregate mining, aggregate lending, and Leveraged Yield Farming.

Solyard Aggregate Lending Platform aggregates multiple lending platforms in the Solana ecosystem, providing users with the best lending plan using smart contracts without the need for users to compare on multiple platforms. At the same time, Solyard also enhances the liquidity of Solana’s ecosystem capital and increases its capital efficiency by connecting LP borrowers and creditors.

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Project Name:Francium

Project Introduction:Francium is the first leveraged income aggregation protocol of Solana ecosystem. Unlike most of the revenue products which focus on liquid mining, Francium is more characterized by discovering, combining, and creating rich strategies to achieve sustainable revenue capabilities. Francium is also working to combine and connect the various DeFi projects in the ecosystem.

At the same time, the Francium protocol implements decentralized community governance, and the community fully controls the protocol governance, including product updates, parameter changes, and so on. In addition, users can vote to select a policy as a strategy.

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Project (ALEPH)

Project is a blockchain cloud storage + cloud computing project. Its core task is to help decentralized applications and protocols strip off the centralized part of their stack, so as to achieve a completely decentralized architecture. can be regarded as a decentralized AWS.

It can be understood that is a Layer2 solution for decentralized applications that works cross-chain, and provides the infrastructure for storage, database and computing to ensure that users have a fast, free and simple DApp experience.

In February this year, officially announced its integration into the Solana ecosystem. integrates its decentralized database (including file storage), computing and DID framework by providing Python and JavaScript Client Libraries, so that any DApp based on Solana can fully decentralize its stack.

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Note: This article is for information sharing only and does not constitute any investment suggestions.



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