Lithosphere — The Next-Generation AI-based Decentralized Apps

What is Lithosphere?

Lithosphere is the next-generation platform for cross-chain decentralized, censorship-resistant applications powered by AI & Deep Learning. Lithosphere is the world’s first AI-powered, advanced blockchain interoperability platform. The KaJ Labs Foundation, the core-developers of Lithosphere introduce; a novel consensus algorithm, a new token standard with a combination of other innovations like Deep Neural Networks(DNNs) to make smart contracts intelligent. The KaJ Labs Foundation aims to introduce more innovations to the network and the blockchain eco-system in general.

LITHO token

LITHO is the native coin of Lithosphere. Both cross-and intra-chain transactions consume a certain amount of LITHO. LITHO i is also used in security deposits for the cross-chain verification nodes. LITHO is the currency of choice in the Lithosphere network although another crypto can be used as well since the Lithosphere blockchain supports interoperability.

Lithosphere (LITHO/USDT) was luanched on MEXC M-Day on May 2.Total Tokens Allocated to MEXC Mday are 240,000 LITHO. For inviting round, users can earn tickets by inviting friends via referral links.After listing with a opening price of 0.05 USDT, the highest price hit 0.4 USDT, up 800%.




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