How to Participate in MEXC Launchpad Events

Evelyn Zhang
2 min readJul 24, 2022

MEXC Launchpad provides a token sales platform that provides users around the world with an exclusive opportunity to invest in high value projects using MX tokens. Exclusive offers MX token holders exclusive benefits.

Participation method in MEXC Launchpad

First, you have MX in your Spot account and you need to keep it for 4–5 days. MX tokens can be purchased at the MEXC Spot Market. Then go to the Lunch Pad page in the top menu bar and select the project you are running

You can see how many people can participate in this event. Please make sure you have enough MX tokens to participate before hitting the join button. After you commit to the pool, the MX token will become temporarily locked.

Allocation = individual committed MX / total committed MX from all participants) * Total number of project tokens sold on Launchpad. MX amount to be deducted = (Final token allocation of participants * Project token * IEO price) / MX average price

Calculation of Participation limit:

Users generally need to hold the position MX Token for 4–5 days, the platform randomly snapshots the user’s MX Token position situation in one day, and the average minimum position number in 4–5 days is the number of MX Token that can be invested in Launchpad.

For example, a user holds 1000 MX on one day1, but buys 4000 more MX at the end of Day 1 and holds for days 2–5.

Then the participant limit = (1000 + 5000*4)/5 = 4200 MX

But if the user buys 4000 more MX on day 2 afternoon when the 1st snapshot has already been taken.

Then the participant limit = (1000 *2+ 5000*3)/5 = 3400 MX

You may click on [My MX Position Details] for more information on the snapshots.