How to Buy Binamon (BMON)

Evelyn Zhang
3 min readOct 27, 2022


In the NFT and blockchain-powered game metaverse known as Binamon or BMON, players can buy virtual monsters and employ them in battle royales. Contrary to other collecting card games, Binamons are based on the Binance Smart Chain, not the Ethereum blockchain. You will like playing Binamon if you enjoy NFT games like Axie Infinity or Tamadoge. It reminds me a tiny bit like a Digimon, don’t you think? MEXC is now hosting a Deposit PK Contest in which Binamon is taking part. Visit the contest page to participate and support the Binamon Metaverse!

How Does Binamon Works?

A blockchain-based multiplayer role-playing game is called Binamon. On the Binance Smart Chain, there is a vast metaverse of digital monsters (BSC). You can gather Binamons, engage in player combat, and then advance to Battle Royale with your creature. BMON is the name of Binamon’s native token. BMON can be used to buy assets, buy in-game items, and summon monsters. Players can also wager their NFT Binamons for rewards and advantages.

Unreal Engine, an AI graphics platform from Epic Games, is used in the game. This guarantees that their quality and interface remain top-notch. Through a smart contract, users can create monsters. The monster’s abilities and strength are determined randomly by probability. The smart contract will then produce three monsters, each with a unique set of abilities. There are four traits shared by all of your owned Binamon: class, attack, horn power, and element. The advantages you receive from different traits vary from battle to battle, adding variety and fun. The worth of mentioned Binamon is also determined by these qualities. On the other hand, users can design and acquire a physical form of Binamon. You only need to:

  1. Use Smart Contract
  2. Provide proof of NFT ownership
  3. Pay using BMON tokens

And with that, you now possess the actual Binamon. You have the choice to stake your Binamons on days when you are busy. To make some passive money, you can stake them. I must warn you, nevertheless, that creatures of a greater rarity will yield better prizes than those of a lower rarity.

How to Buy Binamon Token (BMON)

A BEP-20 Tokens Special “Deposit PK Contest” for BMON, DEC, and VMT will be held by MEXC from October 27 at 00:00 (UTC) until October 28 at 00:00 (UTC). By depositing the appropriate tokens, MEXC users will have the opportunity to vote for the projects they support to be listed on MEXC Global. The top project that complied with the contest’s requirements will be featured on MEXC Global!

If you are a fan and you want to see Binamon listing on MEXC, I suggest that you participate in our competition right away! One day is all you have to show support earn a share of 3,000 MX tokens! For more information, check out our announcement page.