Cross-Chain Protocol Across-Protocol Market Investment Research Analysis

Evelyn Zhang
3 min readNov 28, 2022

1. Project Introduction

Over convention may be a cross-chain bridging convention that permits clients to execute about moment exchanges between chains. It accomplishes cost-effective, quick and secure exchange of resources between chains by utilizing UMA hopeful prophets, fortified relayers, and single-sided liquidity pools.

Currently, Across Protocol has supported public chains such as Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon, including cross-chain transfers of ETH/WETH, WBTC, DAI, USDC, BOBA, BADGER, BALANCER, and UMA.

mexc acx

2. Smart Futures and Auditing

The total supply of ACX issued is 1 billion, broken down as follows:

125 million for airdrops, of which 20 million for Community, 15 million for Early Bridge Clients, 70 million for Liquidity Providers, and the remaining for Bridge Traveler Program.

250,000,000 tokens are required for strategic partnerships and fund-raising, of which 150,000,000 tokens are required for the $UMA token swap with Risk Labs and 100,000,000,000 tokens are required for strategic fund-raising.

$100 million in protocol rewards, $25 million in referral programs, and $75 million in reward lock programs that incentivize LPs.

525 million for Across DAO Treasury Reserve

According to the official news from Across Protocol, ACX will be officially launched and circulated at 12:00 (UTC) on November 28, and will be first listed on centralized trading platforms such as MEXC.

3. Project Analysis

Cross-chain protocols have become a much-needed product in the blockchain ecology. There are endless projects on this stretch, and security flaws keep popping up. Especially in the last two years, there have been many theft security incidents, which have caused huge losses to the Bridge protocol, investors and users. The safety of the cross-chain bridge occupies a very important position. Across security is now generally recognized by community users. Feedback from community users’ real experience shows that Across is easy to use, easy to operate, has relatively low transaction fees, and results in fast transaction speeds. Therefore, it has a certain competitive advantage in the market.

The tokenomics state that Across has set aside a significant amount of Tokens for marketing and referral schemes. A distinctive referral link is generated after users enter their wallet addresses. The referral will receive ACX when the user clicks on their own referral link and completes a bridge transfer on Across. This is designed to attract additional members to the Across community. The most recent DUNE data shows that Across users have reached over 137,344.

In terms of funding, most projects are funded at a discount rate on the primary market. Across will adopt the Success Token solution originally proposed by UMA as a funding solution, enabling funding without token discounts. Investment institutions will pay fair market prices to Across, and Across will provide tokens and call options to institutions. The optional part is only valuable if the value of the token increases, which should also benefit the community as a whole.