Announcement on MEXC 2nd Futures Trading Competition launch — Drive home a Ford Mustang EcoBoost® Fastback and Share 150,000 USDT Prize!


  • P&L (%) Calculation Formula:
  • Trading Volume Calculation Formula
  • Reward Distribution Rules
  1. Users must fulfill the stated criterias and complete the required steps to redeem their rewards.
  2. In the event where two or more participants produce the identical PnL rate or trading volume, the users’ respective total profit value during the competition period will be used as a tie-breaker to determine the final ranking.
  3. Stay updated with the ranking on Daily Trading Volume:
  4. Telegram: | Twitter:
    Web/Push Notifications:
  5. The value of in-kind rewards stated are equivalent to the item price listed on the brands’ official US websites (exclusive of tax).
  6. Rewards from this campaign are not to be redeemed in conjunction with other futures event rewards on the MEXC platform.
  7. Rewards will be distributed within 7 days upon event completion.
  8. Top 20 traders in PnL Ranking competition and all winning traders of Trading Volume competition are required to contact our Futures Event Assistant via Telegram (@mexcdm5) to redeem their rewards.
  9. Any questions? Join our official Futures Community:



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